#3 – In love with wilderness – Fun in the waters of Kuzhangal river

This is part 3 of the series of blog articles, of our visit to Valparai, I would suggest you read the entire series to follow our trail. If you are interested in a particular location’s blog article, I would highly recommend that you read at least Part 1 of the article before moving into other articles of the series.

After saying good bye to Balu, who was kind enough to walk us to our vehicle. He also sent his son along with us to guide us on rest of our trip. Our new guide named Vicky knows in and out of Valparai. We planted him as a co-pilot on the seat next to the driver to guide out driver on the routes.

Vicky said, our nearest spot was Kuzhangal (pebble) river. He helped our driver to steer in that direction.

The thing about Valparai is that, even though the usual tourist spots are filled with people, there are roads that less travelled and are almost empty with people or vehicles coming your way. Thanks to Vicky for showing us these routes.

In the middle of one such road leading to Kuzhangal River, we found scenic location, where we took some mid-air shots with Deepan who was using all his skills.

There was also a quick photoshoot with “The Poser” – Sripriya.

We also took some group shots sitting in the middle of a road.

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We took around 20-25 minutes to complete the entire photo shoot and until then no vehicle passed by or no other human being (other than us) crossed that road.

Post our photo shoot, we reached Kuzhangal River. As the name suggests, the river bed is filled with pebbles with varied colours, shapes, sizes and texture.

It must be around 1 PM, when we got to the river and the river was almost ice cold. The river stream was forceful that if you aren’t little careful, you will be carried off to the other end of the river.

The pebbles in the river bed are deceptive in a way. They are colourful and shiny which will attract you to step into the river and once you step inside you find that they are slippery as much they are shiny because of the algae deposits on the pebbles.

Most of us treaded into the river to shower in the stream. I was taking some landscape shots. The people who got inside the water, were slipping and falling into the river now and then, but that’s how they enjoy the water.

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Since they were falling quite often, they formed a circle with joined hands to protect each other from falling. While trying to photograph my friends enjoying the waters, I felt like I was in a kindergarten school as were singing kindergarten rhymes revealing the child within them. That’s the idea of fun isn’t it? The children don’t care who is watching them, they just enjoy guilelessly.

As Rumi says, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

After enjoying on the river, we were all hungry and wanted to have some food, not in a restaurant, but a place close to nature. Hence, we bought food and loaded it in our van. Vicky suggested that we have food here.

DSC_0285 (1980x1316)

Everybody sat down to eat, I was attracted meadow nearby, hence crossed the road with my food, to have a closer look.

What I saw was, mountains with a tapestry of tea plantations with a variety of birds and butterflies. Wild flowers creating an aromatic boundary around the emerald coloured meadows. As the day warms, the wilderness sanctuary becomes much more active.  The wilderness haven held in the true grip of nature, distributing a soft and gentle colour tones. At this moment of pure bliss, I was embraced by the nature’s divine love. I had to literally pinch myself to ensure that I am not inside a dream world with such a scenic site. In this ecstatic beauty, the plain parotta and kurma tasted much better.

We finished our food and was on our way to the next spot. Await my next blog on our visit.

So what do you think when I say wilderness? Please add your comments below. Your comments are my motivation to take better pictures and to write more.


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