#4 – In love with wilderness – Poses at Sholayar Dam

This is part 4 of the series of blog articles, of our visit to Valparai, I would suggest you read the entire series to follow our trail. If you are interested in a particular location’s blog article, I would highly recommend that you read at least Part 1 of the article before moving into other articles of the series.

We moved our wheels towards the Sholayar dam after enjoying the fun at Kuzhangal river.

Like any other route inside Valparai, we were presented with beautiful landscapes and views of tea estates. One view that admonished me to click is below.


The mountain with hovering clouds and mist. Since we were running out of time, I was forced to click these sitting inside the van while van was on the move.

I clicked few more landscapes from the van itself, even though I wasn’t happy about the fact of not spending time relishing these landscapes.


I was telling Deepan that, I should rent a bicycle here so that I can ride around enjoying the beauty and the weather in my own pace without caring about timelines.

We reached Sholayar dam, around 4:30 PM with evening mist and darkness slowly descending.

DSC_0305 (1980x1316).jpg

The light was sad, the weather gloomy, still my camera found some rays of light to capture the poses of the girls.


The girls made some interesting poses in the front of the Sholayar dam.


Light was becoming low and low every minute and hence we quickly wrapped the photo session and was steering our way to Thrissur in Kerala. Our first spot, for the next day, was Athirapalli waterfalls was located close to Thrissur.

We also had to cross the state border in addition to the check posts of the reserved forests which had strict timelines.

Our driver helped us to steer fast to cross the exit gate of Tamilnadu reserved forest and also the entry gate of Kerala reserved forests.

Once we were inside Kerala, we were welcomed by Vazhachal waterfalls. The night was already set and hence we couldn’t photograph the waterfalls. Me being a natural light photographer, I am not a big fan of using Flash just to add more light to the subject.

Even though night was set, I could see the water and hear the water falling on the rocks and its gentle sprinkle plummeting of my face. I stand there for few minutes, to soak myself in those little drops of water. I tune my ear to listen to sound of the current filtering out ambient noise. This sound brings a creek on my face, a smile. With the smile on my face, I say to myself one single word “Orchestra”.

We were getting late for finding an innocuous place to stay outdoors for the night. Staying outdoors made me to dream about lying underneath the star covered sky. Me talking to the stars of the places that they comprehend from their heights and smiling at the brightest star, fireflies telling me to light up my everything and me asking the moon to shine to the brightest and talk to it about the waves it causes in the oceans of this world.

As I was dreaming, my dreams were traumatised as it was too cold and it isn’t safe to stay outdoors and we haven’t brought required materials to lie beneath the starry sky. After some strenuous search, we found a nice cosy dormitory to stay and since we were tired everybody drifted off to sleep and me still dreaming about looking up at the moon.

Await my next blog on our visit to Athirapalli Waterfalls the next day.

So what do you think when I say wilderness? Please add your comments below. Your comments are my motivation to take better pictures and to write more.



3 thoughts on “#4 – In love with wilderness – Poses at Sholayar Dam

  1. Vijay!!! You writting gives real experience of the trip. The lines “With the smile on my face, I say to myself one single word “Orchestra”.” are my favorite.


  2. Vijay!!! Your writing gives a real experience of the trip. The line”With the smile on my face, I say to myself one single word “Orchestra”.” is well phrased and is my favourite part.


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