Here is to “The Leisure Land”

Have you ever been to place where life is slow and you suddenly feel you have a lot of time in your hands. Time. To breathe. To relax. To live.

This blog article is about one such trip to the city where it’s said “Give time takes a break”. Sounds appealing? Read on.

Living in a city of 6 AM alarms and twelve hour shifts, I am desolately pushed into viewing or sometimes into rat race of the city. Malls and pubs are not meant for me. I am always surrounded by people on all sides, rushing from place to place. That said, busy city has its own perks. The major one being around the like minded people who want to be in lands of leisure at least for the weekends.

We rode far away from our city and as we were getting closer to our destination, the road ahead looked picturesque due to the ascending sun. Trees were leaning towards each other on the beach side and a vast taciturnity reigned over the far-off land.

We reached the beach and it was a cloudy weather.

DSC_0094 (1600x903)

It was Sunday, I could sense, most of the people are still asleep; hiding behind their curtains and blankets. The few people who were on the beach, were walkers, bikers, couples, photographers like us and kids. Even though this kind of people mix is quite common in beaches, I could sense, no rush in the people faces, in their conversations, in their leisure walk. To me, it was like watching a movie in slow motion.

DSC_0089 (1600x1064)DSC_0036 (1600x1064)

I decided to take a leisure walk on the beach shore. The salt which flew in the air settled down in my face, the breeze which couldn’t stop caressing my skin. It was all here. Simple moments of life where I find bliss, where I find myself.

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DSC_0080 (1600x789)

After, it got little sunny, I decided to take a walk inside the park opposite to the beach.

While, I was in the park, I was called by the organizer to join back the group, so that we can resume the photo walk in the French style streets of Pondicherry.

DSC_0129 (1600x1064)DSC_0138 (1600x980)

These French styled houses, are lot different from the houses that we have in other streets of the city. These houses were more commodious designed with minimalism in mind. They had copious windows and balconies so that people sun soak themselves.

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The houses had gardens with a variety of blooming plants.

DSC_0167 (1600x1126)

We were so engrossed in photography of these French streets, the organizer had to literally walk to every one of us and request us to join the breakfast. Since, his effort was in conceited, he decided to go the restaurant and asked us to follow him.

Even during breakfast, we were discussing and curating our photographs taken during the walk. After breakfast, we started our journey back to our respective homes.

On the way back, the scenes outside our vehicle begin to change. The roads are busier. Dust is beginning to settle on our window panes. We have reached closer to our home town.

In my travels, I perceive, discern, converse, listen and comprehend; at least try to. During the entire tenure of the walk, I was wondering why do I love this place so much? The views I saw. The squirrel jumping out from the bark of the tree. The gorgeous sky, changing colours every hour. The seashells shimmering in sunlight and the reflection of water. The old lady on the street, delighted riding a bicycle. The selfie takers over the beach. The people enjoying conversations with their loved ones over a cup of coffee. A life beautifully slow. I realize, this is why. This is why.

To conclude, this trip was like feeling the beauty of the sunset once it has kissed the ocean. It’s like hearing your favourite song you have never heard for ages. It’s like dancing to a tune that was tattooed on your heart.

Pondicherry, I will never have enough of you. Out of all the things, you have taught me how to live a life, meek and compassionate.


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