Day 1 – Silence of opulence within nothingness

When you feel, the nature thronging inside you, a voice takes birth inside. It’s the call to get back to your roots; to where you belong; you breathe this voice through your skin; through your ears and eyes; feeling the nostalgia and the cozy past that calls.

When this happens, I park myself in, silently, feeling the affability around me and get to this tessellation of the voice to travel again and sleep in the laps of nature. This blog is about one such trip to the mountains. The day mountains are calling, I know I can’t hold back.

It’s a Friday evening with an upcoming long weekend. We started our night journey to a private (hidden) waterfalls in Kundha region.

Early in the morning, I woke up to cool breeze, green lush, far view of the Western Ghats mountain ranges.

On the way to waterfalls, we stopped for tea at Chamraj tea center, which is their own factory outlet. They had bounteous varieties of tea varieties and I cherry-picked (sorry peach-picked) Peach flavoured green tea. For the cold and misty weather, the sizzling hot tea with various inimitable flavours to weather proof us for the couple of cold days that were awaiting to welcome us. While the tea was being made, we took some group shots. This is where Shreyas joined us along with her family.

DSC_0005 (1280x1600)

PRA_8306Photo Courtesy: Dinesh

Photo Courtesy: Prasanna

PRA_8299Photo Courtesy: Prasanna

We reached the start point of the waterfall which was really hidden, very much away from civilization and in the midst of a forest that we had to tiptoe down the hills, finding our way in the midst of thorny bushes, tall trees, slippery rocks. Our organizers and experienced trekkers are giving us instructions so that we reach safely.

Photo Courtesy: Madhu

As I started observing the silence of opulence around, the instructions slowly faded in my ears, and I started hearing the infinitesimal sounds of nature, the whispers of the winds, the rustling of verdures, buzzing of honey bees, chirpings of birds and sunlight dancing to these tunes as it is getting filtered past the dense trees.

As I gave in to this beautiful orchestrated symphony of nature with each note leading to a crescendo, I started to see the thorns and slippery rocks more vividly than its background so that I don’t step on them.

The more I was seeking the waterfalls, the waterfall was seeking me and it was guiding me to it, through the dense jungles.

The moment, the waterfalls came in sight, I ran like a kid who hasn’t seen his parents for a long time. This place had a shallow standing area too so that we can pose for photos and selfies. Because of summer the water flow was little less than usual, but it was more than copious to make us rejoice.

This place has a charm that pervades every minute spent around it, a mystery intriguing and disturbing. Confronted by them, I lost my grasp of ordinary things, perceiving myself as an entity capable of outdistancing all changes, all decay, all my demons.

We almost spent 3 hours here and no other soul walked in to this place other than us. It was like this mystique spot was created solely for us at least for those few hours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Courtesy: Prassy, Dinesh, Madhu

When we dried ourselves, and got ready to hike up the trail that we came in, my favourite friend rain got in action. I was fretted to welcome him, as everyone was carting posh cameras, he read my thought, transformed himself into a mizzle and it brought my instant reflex on my face to rain, my smile. I love that feeling when it’s starts to rain and the wind is rising, there is some sort of peace in that. I swear I can hear the trees whispering.

When we got closer to our vehicle, we were greeted by a lady. Seeing some of us still in sopping clothes, she offered our girls her house to change wardrobes and desiccate. I noticed a guava tree with lot of guavas hanging, I asked the lady if we can pluck some and the lady excused herself and went inside her house. As we were waiting, she bought us a big basket of guavas. The taste was an saccharine. I would have to climb another seven mountains and seas to get a such a taste again.

DSC_0023 (1600x900)

Now that we have emptied the large basket, we wanted more and Dinesh climbed the tree and started plucking all the ripe guavas. This grand theft was named as GTA (Guava Theft Action) by Shreyas (thanks Shreyas).

DSC_0038 (1600x1064)

After having sumptuous guavas, we brought the rest to our vehicle so that we delight in them later. Thanks to Bhagyaraj for lending his cap as a storage for the guavas.

DSC_0035 (1600x1064)

We had lunch at Hyderabadi Biriyani House, Ooty with finger licking biriyanis and luscious Gobi Manchurian.

In the evening, as if tea at Chamraj tea center wasn’t enough, we wanted to do some more tea tasting and went directly to a tea factory. The tea factory has an awe-inspiring landscape of tea estate wherein we took some portrait and landscape shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was almost evening and it was getting dark in the valleys and we started our journey for the homestay for the night.

PRA_8438_new shade
Photo Courtesy: Prasanna

I was thinking of how we spent the day, and it reminded me that we belong in a world without walls, a world of grass, vines and trees houses, yet in this day and age we live in concrete jungles. With this thought in my mind and watching a blank white ceiling I drifted off to sleep.



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